Thursday, June 30, 2011

Get'n back at it

I have taken a long (too long) break from updating my blog. The last time I was on, I was blogging on the do's and don'ts I was learning about the art festival world. Well, this summer is a different story. I decided to take a break from the art festivals. Although, I am still selling my "Budding Beautiful" pieces ( you can find them online or downtown littleton in "Tres Jolie" ) I decided to use my time to actively chase my dreams as a children's book writer and illustrator.
What does this look like? Well, I cleaned up my Website portfolio. I had a lot of cobweb pieces lurching in the galleries. Some were dated 2006! Yikes! I have certainly gotten better than those study pieces from art school! I narrowed it all down. I have found that less is more. It is better to have a few of your strongest pieces, than have a whole heap of randoms. I am also just featuring my "style" of illustration any more. I found my way to my own brush strokes and am happy with it. This was step one.
Step two was to compose a contact list of potentials. Potential publishing houses, agencies or magazines that may want to work with me and like my style. Once I got this list, I made a post card to send out to this list. This promotional postcard will get my name, my style and my website out there. I chose a few of my faves to feature on it and all my info. I am happy with how they look and am awaiting them in the mail as we speak. ( If you are looking for a great quality print with a low price and quick turn around, Got Print is the way to go! )
The third step will be to mail those suckers out and cross my fingers. I hope to get a few commissions out of this mailing of 75 different places. If not, step four is to resend new work over and over again till I get there! I am excited for this journey and would love to hear from others on this same journey. Tips, struggles, questions... Send them my way.

I will keep you all posted in the up coming days!

Big Hug

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