Monday, November 30, 2015

3 Steps to the thrifty, yet sweet nursery! -Things I am learning on my own adventure

Now that we have baby number 2 on board, I am in full swing of the "nesting mode." Things that have been needing organized for years, are now getting attention they deserved. Hubby is getting an ever growing list of honey do's around the house. And most of all, my brain is buzzing of the nursery decor. Why is this little baby's dwelling feel so important? I think it is instinctual in a mother. Another thing that I think is on every momma's mind is keeping the cost down. You can go bananas going all out for your little one. When the realities of the hospital bill hit, your gonna wish you didn't take out a second mortgage for the perfect nursery. Here are some tips and ways that I have in the past, and plan in the future to use when creating baby boy's nursery. And so here we go!
As a mural artist, I paint a lot of main stream themes in nursery rooms. While there is nothing wrong with these, and I think they make beautiful rooms, I have always been one that likes to go off the beaten path a little bit. I am trying to come up with a room that has charm, and cuteness all rolled into one. I have researched etsy, houzz, and pinterest and am starting to build some great ideas. What does this look like? Well, I am no designer, but I think i need to start with an inspiration piece. Take CarynsYarnBasket, a cute little etsy shop I found, for example. She made this cute little fisherman newborn prop hat. My heart melted when I saw this, because hubby is a fantastic angler and the connection between father and son is priceless.
Find her at
After you have an inspiration piece, you are ready for the next step. Step 2 would be to find a color scheme. If you Pinterest search color swatches, the most beautiful color combinations will come up. You will be able to see how sometimes colors you never thought would work together, can actually form a beautiful, peaceful place for baby. The easy route is to go with the typical blue or pink. Step out and try something different! t will make your nursery stand out in the crowd and make it feel like your own.
Step 3 is to run with the theme! I like to do this step the thrifty way. For example, if we are going with the fishing theme, I would go the the thrift stores and find vintage fishing gear to decorate the room with. Keep in mind when you are searching for items, that this is a baby room. Avoid things that could have potential danger (-says mama bear :)). For this theme, I would search for some old fishing nets to hang together in a clump on an accent wall. Maybe I would collect a handful of different lures and put them in a mason jar on the dresser. Search etsy and support those handmade shops for art work prints and other handmade props.
There we go, we have the birth of a nursery idea. This is a cheap and easy way to start narrowing down the nursery creation process. We are still in the dreaming stage, and have no where near made a decision as to which direction we will commit to. No matter what we chose, I know it will be made with lots of love and hugs for baby boy! Anyone else have tips on how they like to decorate the nursery with out breaking the bank?
Special thanks to Carynsyarnbasket for letting me use your shop as an example