Friday, June 25, 2010


So here I am, 26 and a professional colorer (as my husband Andy likes to tease me). Although my professors tried their best to scare us about our future, I don't think any art school in the world could prepare you enough for what's ahead when you chose the path of an art career. I knew that it would not be all cupcakes and gumdrops. What I didn't know, was that my post college would consist of working with high schooler girls at a cupcake bakery, doing punching in to unload palates at midnight at a frame store, or checking patients out after they got their carpal tunnel checked out. I worked at a plastic surgeon's office for a year and a half with no medical experience (obviously)and loved it. I have discovered that there aren't a lot of places for us right brained free thinkers to find a 9-5. I have been sort of a roaming nomad in the career department, and have just stumbled upon whatever job I can find.

Although this has been fine for the time being, and I am VERY thankful for every job that God had provided me with, I am ready to seriously pursue that dream job that is just right for me. Not the one just right for right now. I know that God has created me to create, so create I will. This blog is the story of my adventures in shooting for the moon. Come along for the ride with me. If you pray, pray alongside me for my journey. If you don't, just enjoy traveling this road with me. I would love to hear any feedback along the way, so feel free to voice any comments. Thanks for sharing with me!

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